🤝Use Case

Outlines the use case of the QLIX utility token as well as the benefits of holding it.

QLIX token is an integral part of its ecosystem. Some of the benefits of holding the native token include lower transaction fees paid when using the QLixBot product, revenue share from fees collected via the bot (feature currently in development), unlimited active bot orders (compared to only 3 for non-holders), with more benefits to be added as we integrate more features.

Bot Transaction Fees

Currently a 2-tier system is in place with bot transaction fees:

Tier 1 [Standard / Non-Holders] - Bot users who are not QLIX token holders or have not verified their holdings via the bot pay a standard fee of 0.8% per transaction.

Tier 2 [QLIX Holders] - Bot users who hold a minimum of 500 tokens and have verified their holdings via the bot pay a discounted fee of 0.4% per transaction.

As we expand, there may be more tiers introduced.

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