How to Use

Step by step guide on how to use QLixBot.

Step 1 - To use QLixBot, go to the Telegram bot page here.

Step 2 - Click "Start" or enter the /start command.

Step 3 - Click "Start" once again.

Step 4 - Select the network you want to send funds from (source network, for example, Base).

Step 5 - Select the token/coin you want to send from the source network, (e.g. ETH), followed by selecting the token/coin you want to receive on the destination network (e.g. ETH).

Step 6 - Enter the amount you wish to send.

Step 7 - Enter the destination wallet receiving the funds.

Step 8 - Hit "Confirm" if everything is correct, otherwise hit "Update" to make changes to the order.

Step 9 - Send funds to the address generated in the "Send Funds To" field (highlighted below).

Once the transaction has started, the bot will send transaction status updates:

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