🛠️In Development

Outlines the product features that are currently in development.

Fiat Onramp

This will allow users to buy crypto assets with fiat directly through our bot, there will be a web interface where people can pay with fiat using their credit card or SEPA transfer. As part of this integration we are registering a company in the UK (LTD) to facilitate the process.

Cross-Chain Swap

This feature will allow users to buy the desired tokens using assets they hold on a completely different network, for example, buying an Ethereum-based memecoin with SOL. You would send the token contract address to QLixBot, choose the buy option and then follow the procedure to buy it similar to our bridge procedure.

Wallet Integration

This feature will allow users to import their wallets directly into the Telegram bot, enabling them to perform bridging operations without needing to transfer funds externally.

Portfolio Tracker

This will allow user to display the tokens they have in the imported wallets, their total value, and additional stats.

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